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Our Values

We are a justice enterprise committed to seeing wholeness & healing for women survivors.

Our values help guide us as we seek to create a more loving world.


Create a Community of Tenderness

“The longing… is to be at home with yourself and then put the welcome mat out so that others find a home in you.” -Fr Greg Boyle

  • This means that compassionate belonging is freely offered rather than gained.

  • We will help create a culture of tender encouragement, where mean-spirited teasing, judgement, exclusion and harsh words are left at the door.


Call out the Goodness, Dignity, and Wholeness in one another

“People aren’t wicked, they are just strangers to their own goodness. We can be awakened in loving awareness of our fundamental dignity and goodness… When we are whole, that’s what we see in others and we call forth the unshakable goodness in the other that is already there.” -Fr Greg Boyle

  • Every person’s true identity is Love, not behaviour; this requires me to learn how to see the innate belovedness in every human.

  • We must commit, as a community, to finding goodness in ourselves and the other.

  • We will practice unconditional positive regard. We will try to respond to difficult situations by calling ourselves and others back to this true identity of Love, dignity, wholeness, and goodness rather than using blame or shame.  


Cultivate Curiosity and Playfulness

“The world will focus on outcomes or behaviour or success. We glance just above what the world has in its sights and put judgment on check… We choose to live in our hearts.” -Fr Greg Boyle

  • We choose to ask questions over making judgements. We encourage curiosity about ourselves, others, and the world verses suspicion, defensiveness, or posturing certainty.

  • We aim to be joy oriented versus productivity driven.


Commit to Loving Others and Yourself into Change

“We are asked to see the unshakeable goodness in the other and this changes all we view. We see wholeness, and it helps all of us rewire, not just the traumatized. The true measure of our love is to love without measure.” -Fr Greg Boyle

  • This requires us to learn to see wholeness in the other until they see it in themselves.

  • We must commit to patience with the process, to choose connection over perfection, and to explore what makes us feel beloved rather than on probation.  

  • Goal is a surrender to healing, not specific outcomes: There is not a template we require others to live up to as each person’s journey towards wholeness is unique.


Cherish Connectedness and Inclusion

“If who we are is love, then we just transmit love. Love, then, is all we teach, communicate, and put out in the world. When we all aspire to be on the lookout for the secret beauty in each other, separation is a folly.” -Fr Greg Boyle

  • Welcoming is our practice, no matter a person’s background, nationality, beliefs, race, gender-identity, or sexual orientation. Our goal is not to make others like ourselves, but for them to inhabit their true self which is dignified, good, and beloved.

  • We will commit to helping foster an environment that allows for diversity, which requires me to hold a space of loving tension within myself and conversation guided by tenderness and curiosity.

  • We embody South Africa’s spirit of ubuntu [I am because you are] which dispels the Illusion of separation. We are connected in ways that shape us into our truest selves.

  • We champion sisterhood. We are for one another, making room in our hearts to cherish the success and healing of our sister as our own.

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