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Help us

create opportunity & reduce vulnerability

for survivors of trafficking

“Just because you are no longer being trafficked doesn't mean you are free.  The road to freedom requires a solid support system, a team of people providing holistic care and dignifying work.  It is not a journey that can be walked alone.”

-Survivor Leader at Not I But We


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Partnering with survivors in their journey towards achieving their continued education goals.  Creating space and access to computers and specialised courses 


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Providing training to survivors in safe houses and restoration programs in areas such as sewing, jewellery making and entrepreneurship.




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Providing dignifying employment and liveable wages in a compassionate environment.  Allowing survivors to rebuild their lives and support themselves and their families. 



Giving a portion of our profits back to safe houses that provide holistic care to women coming off the streets.  The same programs many of our employees benefitted from. 

Not I But We Team

Products that help survivors stitch their lives back together.

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